Friendly and Sensitive Placer Mining

  • Ecology Friendly

    We pride ourselves in working to save the ecology. We do not discharge any water used in the mining operation back into a river. We have recirculating Gold and Mineral Recovery equipment that is light weight and portable.

    We maintain a riparian setback of 10 meters from any watercourse and a 3 meter setback on gravel and sandbars.

    We use no mechanized equipment like excavators or dump trucks. All our digging is done, by hand, with a pick and shovel. The way they did it 100 years ago. All holes are filled and if needed re-seeded with grass or wildflowers. Itís important to us and the environment, that when we leave no trace is left of our activities.

  • Archeology Sensitive

    We are very aware of the history of mining and of the Native peoples of the area we are working in. In the event we find anything we consider of archeological interest or of significance to a First Nations community we stop work immediately and the proper authorities are informed.

    We are diligent in not being demanding on the environment or the habitat around us. We donít cut trees (unless we are told to), we do not open up, strip or trample an area and we try to be nonintrusive to the wildlife.

    We want to find Gold or Minerals; but it is more important that our children and grandchildren are left with the land just like we found, if not even better.

  • Aran Placer Logo

  • Recirculating Sluice


    Our recirculating sluice is light portable, clean and runs all day on only 15 gallons of water. No water flows into the ecosystem, it is collected and drained in an environmentally safe manner.

  • Spiral and Miller Gold Recovery


    Our Spiral Gold Wheel and Miller Table removes gold and Platinum from concentrates using a recirculating system similar to our Sluice system.

  • Our Similkameen Claim


    We no longer hold Claims on the Similkameen but are prospecting in the Greenwood - Grand Forks Area.

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