Tick Tock – Tick Tock

The countdown is on with only a short while before we move to Grand Forks, BC. There probably will never be enough time to get everything settled. I have this long list of things we […]

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Rumors – now official.

No we didn’t win Lotto. We have sold our property in beautiful downtown Keremeos and bought property in rural-ish Grand Forks. Grand Forks, BC not Grand Forks, North Dakota that is. Keremeos is gaining a […]

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I’ve decided to Retire, Again.

  I actually retired quite a while ago at 55 just before Lak and I were married. I have no idea how I managed that but I did have a small pension and no debt. […]

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Newspaper reporter, who me?

Those that know me, know I’ve often taken a challenge by the throat even if I had to learn what I was doing along the way.  I’ve prided myself in the fact my Ego isn’t […]

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History of things, like my car.

I was asked by a friend about the year of this car that I posted on Facebook.  She was wondering what year and kind it was. It’s a 1952 Chevrolet Fleetwood.  From what I understand […]

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It’s not always about Photography

As with a lot of things it’s not always about what we do for a living, or is it.  My wife finally started her massage business up again.  She hasn’t run it since we moved […]

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It’s getting to look a NOT like Christmas

It’s the day before Christmas and it’s looking more like Spring than Winter.  We did have a dump of snow and a cold snap but that was short lived, it’s 6C (43F) this morning.  All […]

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Life in Keremeos and more.

It’s really hard to comprehend that it’s a bit over a year since we moved to Keremeos.  We had a game plan on what we wanted to accomplish in house repairs and some other things […]

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5-4-3-2-1 Blastoff

It’s no longer the land of ice and snow here in the valley and we are getting back to normal and updating our websites. We have a new site for our Keremeos Gallery started but […]

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Sometimes I think I’m just blessed.  I have a wonderful wife, a bright intelligent child and the heat works good thing because it’s cold like heck here at the moment.  I haven’t quite settled into […]

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