Tick Tock – Tick Tock

The countdown is on with only a short while before we move to Grand Forks, BC.
There probably will never be enough time to get everything settled. I have this long list of things we have to do and it seems like there is little time to do it all.   Switch hydro, phone, electricity, gas, Internet, TV and then all the little things we have to do before the movers arrive in Grand Forks to fill the house with our junk. One of the things on our list is to fix the bottom stair going to the upstairs, it ominously wobbles every time you step on it and the handrail needs replacement.  Scares the crap out of us.

We do have some lag time between when we get possession and when we have to leave out present house. Almost 2 weeks in fact so the crunch isn’t quite as bad as if we had to be out by noon on a specific date.

We have decided to make a trip as soon as we get possession on Dec 1 and make sure everything is as it should be.   That will give us time to change the locks on the house and garage and do some small repairs.

There was a bunch of stuff they have to remove and we hope it’s done, don’t want to run over some old farm equipment in the snow or getting
stuck with an more old cars. It will also give us a couple days to do some serious cleaning and give us the opportunity to look at the place without anything in it.

It’s going to be the start of a new adventure for us all.

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