Rumors – now official.

No we didn’t win Lotto. We have sold our property in beautiful downtown Keremeos and bought property in
rural-ish Grand Forks. Grand Forks, BC not Grand Forks, North Dakota that is.

Keremeos is gaining a really nice couple getting away from the ever growing rat race in
Kelowna. Met them once and they seem like really nice people.

The place we have bought is going to take a bit of work to turn it into what it once was.
Being 68 years old, this farmhouse has had some upgrades done but some still need to be
completed. The best part is the structure is very sound. We’re not gaining much more
space but we are gaining an even more open plan especially on the main floor which we
like a lot. Aran will gain not only a bigger bedroom but the entire upstairs which is huge,
with two rooms. One of our upgrades will be a 3 piece bath for him. A main bath
downstairs plus an en-suite in the master works for me. The kitchen will be renovated a
bit just moving the fridge and stove, installing new counters and moving a couple of

Plus there is a full hight basement that I’m pretty sure will allow me to finally use my
Smith machine.

On almost an acre and only minutes to the Kettle river will give us lots of room to grow.
The extensive Grand Forks trail system goes right past the front door. We should be able
to put in a big garden as long as I can fence it somehow from the deer population. Our
vegetable garden was a big plus with us this year. Aran now loves salad and zucchini
two things he wouldn’t eat a year ago.

I’ll also gain a workshop/garage. Something I’ve wanted for a long time. I miss being
able to do woodwork and have a place out of the rain to work on our cars.

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