It’s not always about Photography

As with a lot of things it’s not always about what we do for a living, or is it.  My wife finally started her massage business up again.  She hasn’t run it since we moved to Keremeos because someone, who will remain nameless,  didn’t get the Studio quite finished.  So to make a short story even longer we received a letter from the village telling us that we had to get a business license for her non existent business and that if we did not they would fine us.  I just sent them the $100 to be done with it.  Did I mention that I ran for Mayor although I didn’t win I came close and that the incumbent Mayor doesn’t like me much and neither does the CAO who signed the letter.  Couldn’t be some strange form of vindictive payback could it, no that would never happen, not here, not in Keremeos.  Anyway my wife has her studio finished, except for the shelving in a storage room because the wood is under a foot of snow, and she’s all set up and ready and having a big special starting now and running until the end of February when she will have a Grand Opening Special.    So if you are in the mood for an hour and a half of pampering and relaxation here it is.

valantines Day special

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