5-4-3-2-1 Blastoff

It’s no longer the land of ice and snow here in the valley and we are getting back to normal and updating our websites. We have a new site for our Keremeos Gallery started but not finished and we are almost ready to launch the Keremeos Photography Club. We will contact everyone on the list soon and if you are not on the list send me an email with your phone number.

This summer we are looking forward to two big photo shoots.  One in the Princeton – Manning Park area and the other a couple weeks in the Rockies.  For these events we have bought a Combi-Camp trailer.  It’s one slick “sort of” tent trailer from Denmark. It can be setup in less than a minute and only weighs in at around 700 pounds. It doesn’t have a kitchen but it does have a settee and two separate sleeping rooms with double beds. Open it’s 8 feet by 12 feet.  It also has an extension room that doubles the size but we will not take it with us as it takes about an hour to put up, if you are lucky.  Cooking will be on a table we are bringing along or picnic table. It’s also wired for electricity so we have 110 volt lights, fan, a portable DVD player and an induction cooker. We are also taking an electric heater in case it’s cool at night in the mountains.

As with all of our camping trips we just go with the flow.  We know the day we are leaving and that’s about it. If we like a place we stay longer, not so nice we are off  like a shot. One day we might drive 100 miles and the next 500. We also like to hit local farm and artisan markets, museums, galleries and other points of interest, like old homesteads, old mines and old cars.   One of our side trips will be the Badlands in Alberta. Aran has wanted to go to see the dinosaurs for a couple of years with luck and good weather it should be this summer.

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