Sometimes I think I’m just blessed.  I have a wonderful wife, a bright intelligent child and the heat works good thing because it’s cold like heck here at the moment.  I haven’t quite settled into the cold lifestyle yet; but I will and then it will be summer and I’ll be blessed that Air con works.

KADAC, Keremeos and District Arts Council had it’s first show last weekend.  It was a big success and it’s really lit a fire for us to do more.  Probably another blessing is we had some very interesting and talented people join the group at the show and it’s always good that new ideas will come into play in the future to keep KADAC moving forward.  It’s always interesting to think about where we will go and what projects we will have in the future.  It’s a good time to join and you don’t have to be an artist or entertainer to be a member just someone that likes art or performances and want to see the Art, Cultural and Heritage of the valley move forward in a positive direction.

Speaking of positive directions, we almost took a huge step backward in that respect last Thursday.  Someone or more with pea size brains decided to try and set a fire at the local Museum.  It’s a heritage building built in 1907 and housed the first constables office and jail cell, which still is there.  Losing the building would have been devastating but losing the archives and the exhibits could never be replaced.   Lets hope that the attempted arson suspects are apprehended and the court, rather than send them to a more modern facility sets them off on a long trail of community service so they can realize what they almost did in stupidity mode.  We are blessed that the fire went out and did no real damage.

On a brighter note I’m in the process of doing yet another show the SIMILKAMEEN COUNTRY CHRISTMAS! Dec. 6, 7 & 8 at Robin Ridge Winery.  Took a while to decide what to put into the winery.  They have this huge maybe 4×6 foot very colorful painting and it really sets the mood for their winery and I thought it should stay. So that’s a big wall that I won’t have to work with, but there is another spot with a big picture.   It’s the first thing you will see when you open the door and walk in and I wanted an impact piece.   As the room is so colorful, in a tasteful way, I thought something devoid of color would have that big jolt and I had just the photo.   I had a 3×3 foot B&W canvas print of my photo “Forty Eight Doves” printed. It will work well and the rest of my show will be all color to keep that color theme flowing.  To see the rest you will just have to go up to the Robin Ridge Winery Dec. 6, 7 & 8. I will be there on the afternoon of Dec. 8, see you there.

Then starting January 15, 2014 KADAC has a photography Exhibition at the OK Keremeos Library.   There will be a couple of other professional photographers along with some pretty good amateur photographers showing their work.  For this show I have another large presentation Piece that’s 3×4 feet, Spin Triplet.  The bulk of, my part of, the show will be B&W unframed, unmatted and draped German etching rag paper.  I do have enough work on hand in my Gallery to fill the library but I truly hope others will step up big.   For all this I’m truly blessed, thankful and already starting to plan my next show.


Forty Eight Doves

Spin Triplet







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