Keremeos and District Arts Council

What’s that you ask.  Well it’s the newest Arts, Heritage and Culture group in the southern Okanagan.  Since we moved to Keremeos I kept seeing this void that just screamed to be filled.   Don’t get me wrong the area has a plethora of organizations, artists and groups but what I personally saw lacking was organization and long term vision.  To be fair a lot of the groups are headed by people that are very competent but work full time and just don’t seem to have the energy required to get the job done or to push through to the end.    To this end I joined with a few select people with similar drive and views for the direction a Arts Council needed to go, and Blastoff.  Non-profit charitable designated Keremeos and District Arts Council was born.

This had been in the planning stage since the beginning of the summer and finally all came together the other day with our approval and green light.  Not to be caught in the, “well now what do we do” quandary we stated to plan months ago.  We were  able to hit the pavement with squealing tires and a huge smokey trail.   We have three Art and Culture related events planned between November and April focused on the kids in the community who are our greatest asset and often under appreciated.   April 26 will bring local First Nations, IndoCanadian, Thai and Canadian performers together in a live show highlighting the culture of each group.  This event will be primarily for children Grade 4 and younger but also the entire community is invited and welcome to attend.  Arrangements have been made for students from outlying schools to be bused in for the event.

Our mandate is,  “To support and encourage the Arts , Cultural Diversity and Heritage in the Similkameen Valley.”  To that end we are off to a good start.

Keremeos and District Arts Council Website

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