Things I didn’t know about Keremeos

It’s windy.  I read the things about the name being about the wind but I didn’t know it was windy every day when we moved here.  Well in reality it’s windy in the morning and in the evening but it is every day.   On the odd day that it’s dead calm when I get up I wonder if it’s the beginning of Armageddon.  In the summer it’s welcome relief from the heat but I bet it provides a darn good wind chill in the dead of winter.  With the wind comes dust.

I didn’t know I would put an extra shirt in my car so I could change it if I was out taking pictures or shopping.   I’ve often changed my shirt, or rather peeled it off my back 3-4 times in a day.  And i sure didn’t know I would do a load of laundry every second day.

Everybody, or at least everyone I’ve met is happy and very helpful or outwardly so.   I haven’t met too many people that are negative, well actually one only.  Although there are a few odd ones in town I’m told.  Everyone is very helpful offering to do stuff for you or to help with a project.  My next door neighbor cuts the lawns for older people in the neighborhood and has taken countless loads to the dump for me.  He’s an exceptional person but not exceptional in the community.

I checked the water quality before moving to Keremeos and all the government reports are good.  No Chlorine or Florine in this water supply there is however a high concentration of calcium and an almost neutral PH.  That’s good until….  You wash your car as soon as it dries you have white spots.  Doesn’t look bad on our white car but on the black one it drives me crazy.

I was told that it’s cheaper to buy my building supplies in Penticton than locally.  That may be so but half a day and a tank of gas plus delivery charges means I’d have to build a whole house to save much.  $125 delivery charge from Penticton – $30 locally and most of it I can get in or on the roof of our new Subaru now.  I’d rather spend four hours working, than half a day sourcing.

Here is one I wished I had a recording of.  The Mayor actually said in front of me that the old guard needed changing so things could move ahead in Keremeos.  He’s been the mayor for decades.  He was talking about the Chamber of Commerce but it also applies to the city council who seem to be a bit set in their old ways also.

There is no bylaw enforcement in Keremeos.  There is apparently but it’s contracted out to the regional district and no one seems to have seen the guy for ages.  Apparently it’s complaint driven.   So if your neighbors decide to  put up a huge sign and you decide to tear apart 5 cars in your yard but you both agree that you won’t call the city…  Guess what.   It also goes for people camping in public parks etc.   While you could call no one apparently will come and send them packing.

There is a 24/7 emergency at the hospital but the police go home at 10:00PM and don’t arrive back until sometime in the morning.  I’m betting the criminal element, which is very small here, figured that one out long ago.  Did I mention all the RCMP officers live in Penticton.  Probably so they won’t get called out at night.






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