Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

It’s eight am and I’m the only one up.  Today is overcast, dull, looks and feels like rain.  The weather forecast has changed and now they are calling for it.  Today is also the day I have made reservations at Manning Park Resort.  We’ll stay over for a couple of nights.   If it rains, we’ll just make a mini vacation of it.   The resort has a pool and hot tubs and other stuff but no WiFi or Cell service apparently.   Wonder why that is in this day and age of text messaging and social networking.

The game plan is to shoot the late flower bloom in the upper sub-alpine meadows.  I was really looking forward to this as a means of widening my portfolio in the area and reshooting an area I shot 30 plus years ago,  Sometimes things might not work out the way you planed.  Changing plans because of weather, as a photographer, is rather standard procedure and sometimes it can even work to your advantage by opening up other opportunities that you may not thought about and missed.  We’ll just go with the flow and hope we come up with something wonderful or at least presentable.

On the way we go past Princeton,BC and I’ve promised my son we can go to the museum there.  He’s a museum nut and ever since he went to his first one in Thailand he’s been hooked and wants to look at old things and discover their uses.  There certainly are worse things he could be interested in.  With any luck I’ll glean some local knowlage on places to shoot.

In the end it will be Que Sera, Sera and we’ll take our newly acquired Subaru just in case we want to get off the beaten path a bit and would everyone please stop doing that silly rain dance.


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