Since we moved to Keremeos it’s been a constant juggling act of one sort or another for the last month.  We have this giant list of things that need to be done before the end of summer although it’s dwindling.  If we were rich we could just hire designers and tradesmen and  tell them what we want, then do other things but being like 90% of the population that’s not an option for us.

We’ve managed to get the garden cleaned up to an acceptable level except for trimming three feet off  the 10 foot high hedge that grows on two full sides of the property.  We did get started in the 30 degree heat yesterday and might get the road side done in a few days.  Along with that brought another problem.  I can’t get my chain saw to run.  What a pain in the butt.  Without it, it just makes the operation a little longer and a lot harder.

We’ve filled in the end of the studio that was open and moved all my tools into it.  We still have to put the siding on but it allowed us to get everything out of the Studio.  Once empty the Studio didn’t take a lot to do.  Just fix some gyprock, new molding and paint everything to reflect our vision of it, mostly cosmetic.  We still have to replace the entry door and put up some picture shelves and find an electrician to mount the track lighting and modify a couple of wall switches  but 90% is done.  We are hoping to have a grand opening by the end of August or the first part of September.  But Then, that leads to another problem, I have to produce some work to display.

With all this working full time on the property it hasn’t left a lot of time to shoot or to scout out new locations to shoot.  We spent a couple of hours driving around Cawston while Aran was at summer day camp and I found some neat little enclaves that have some stuff to shoot.  I even got to shoot one old 50’s Pontiac but the light was too sharp and I’ll have to go back one afternoon to get it right.

Now the good part about all this juggling and long hours of working in the heat is I’ve managed to lose 10 pounds and my blood pressure is now around or below normal.




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