Two Houses, Two Cities, Two Realtors, in less than a week.

I opened my email on a Thursday morning an my realtor informed me we had an offer on our house. By Friday evening we had completed the negotiations on our house in Sechelt to the subject to stage.  It was a long year and a half waiting for a sale.  Mostly it’s a long time never allowing your lawn to get long or the dresser to get dusty.  It’s hard work selling a house but more on that later.

So Saturday morning at 5:00am we were off to the ferry and off to look for property.  One thing having your house on the market for a long time allows you to do is research.  We did a lot of research.   We had some priorities mainly the quality of schools, a hospital that at least could handle an emergency at night and a friendly small town attitude.   There were a lot of small towns that dropped by the wayside in our quest for a new place to call home for a number of varied reasons. We finally settled on Keremeos.   If you are like most people, say “where?”.   Lots of people have gone through Keremeos but not many have taken the time to look around.  That’s a big mistake.   There is lots to offer more than appears on the surface.  There’s a great outdoor sports (the Similkameen river is 200 meters from our front door), new hospital, great highly rated schools, a Recreation Center, outdoor skating rink, skate park, lots of parks and playgrounds, a water park and even a swimming pool and new sewage treatment plant( Eat your heart out Sechelt it didn’t coast anywhere near  the 36 million those are costing you).

We started to look at houses on Sunday, my birthday, and it didn’t take long as we knew, after a year and a half, exactly what we wanted.  We spent the rest of the day driving into Penticton and looking around.  To me it was like going to Surrey there was every type of mall a shop-o-holic could ever ask for and only 30 minutes away.

On Monday my Keremeos realtor wrote up our offer, on his Birthday, and submitted it to the seller.  It took a bit to get back to us, as the sellers wife was out of town, they accepted.  I met the owner the next day and we did an inspection together.  That’s the small town attitude we were looking for.  In talking we were the same age, grew up in West Van, when West Van was a small town, and never even met each other.  A weekend of strange happenings all lining up and I didn’t even look at a horoscope.

Tuesday morning my Sechelt realtor called and said that the purchaser removed the subject on the property.  We promptly removed the subjects on the Keremeos property and both deals fell into place in less than 6 days.

Now about the Realtors, time to get back at them for all the money they make, as I wring my hands with a sly grin.

I first met Tina Kaizer when she had a house down the road listed.  It was a lousy time for realtors and she had an open almost every week and I seldom saw anyone stopping.  We had our house listed at the time with another company so I thought I would go scope out the competition.  She was very inviting and friendly even knowing my place was in direct competition with hers.  She took the time to show me around and we talked for a bit.  I like to talk BTW.  Shortly after we took our house off the market because it was just too slow.  Tina continued to sit in the front window looking at the rain for about another month and then a sold sign sprouted up in the garden.  I figured when we were going to re-list we would do it with her, we did and were very glad that we did.  Tina worked tirelessly to sell our house never getting discouraged and always having this great positive attitude.  If you need a realtor in Sechelt we highly recommend her. You just can’t go wrong.

The way we picked our realtor in Keremeos was a bit more on the, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe side.   Being only 4 realtors in the town proper I had a one in 4 chance of coming out on top.   The selection process went like this, I think the guy in this picture I could get along with.   I fired off an email requesting some info on a couple of properties and got it back right away.  I then talked to Greg McDonald a few times on the phone and we had an instant connection.  He even gave up part of his Birthday to write up a deal for us.  Another car buff like myself that talks as much as I do.  Another winner for me.   If you are ever looking for property in the Keremeos area give him or his Daughter Tuesday a call.   If you need a better endorsement than mine, when one of the locals asked me who my realtor was he said, ” Greg is the most honest guy in Keremeos”.

Oh!!  About all that money they make.  Sometimes like Tina they have to work long and hard and sometimes like Greg it comes easy.  That’s the way it is in the realty profession.  In the end it likely all evens out and as a buyer or seller having a realtor you have a connection with is worth every penny.

So, 2 houses, 2 cities, 2 realtors and all in less than a week.  Not Bad.


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