Kind words from the SSAS

Today I received the newsletter from the South Similkameen Arts Society  which is a new group that was just formed in Keremeos, BC.  It’s always interesting to hear about what’s going on especially as we are heading out in less than a month to our new home there.   I was interested in reading about the First Annual  SSAS Art in the Valley Faire and to see what the response was.  Very good BTW.

As I continued reading I came across this, “And watch at the end of next month, Martin Menzies will be on board at the end of June when he and his family move to Keremeos!”   Less than a month already, as if I need reminding. :0 I’ve talked to some of those on the Board of Directors about the way the Sunshine Coast Art Society has promoted the entire spectrum of art on the coast and I’d really like the same thing to happen in Keremeos.  If I can be a small part of helping to achieve the goals of the Society I think it would be very rewarding.






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