Keremeos Bound!

Sometimes you just have that itchy feeling that you need a change.

For us that’s a move to Keremeos, BC in the Similkameen valley part of lower part of the British Columbia Okanagan from our long time home in Sechelt BC on the West Coast.  It was a long hard choice for a new place to call home as we have a young son.  Things like schools, medical facilities and recreation played a big part in our decision.  Maybe the biggest though, was Keremeos seemed to have a visible sense of community which has slowly eroded in our present little town over the last ten years or so.

One thing that can’t be said about our family is we dilly dally around a lot and can’t make a decision.   We went from selling our present house to buying and completing the deals on both in less than 5 days.   It’s going to take some getting used to a slower pace, methinks.

Along with our move we have to move two businesses.  This one which is very portable anyway and my wife’s which is based on repeat business and customer service.  So Keremeos will have two new businesses  Aran House Photoworks and Lanna Thai Massage.

See you all soon we will be there by Canada Day 2013.


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