When in Grand Forks, do as the Thai’s do – Relax

One thing that the Thai people do in relax and have regular massage sessions.  It may be at their local Temple or it may be at home.   It’s a large part of the Thai holistic healing approach to medicine.  Thai massage makes you more flexible, relaxed and energized.

Lak and Father at home

Lak working on her Father at home on the patio.

While we can’t offer you a Thai vacation, we can offer you authentic Thai Massage right here in Grand Forks, BC  all year long.  Sessions can be from 30 minutes to two hours with one hour being the most popular.

We strive to tailor each massage to the individual at a reasonable cost.  We offer free consultations, a discount card for those that come more often and  Senior’s discounts as well.

The Boundary Area’s Only Truly Authentic Thai Massage – Thai Owned, Operated and Trained











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