We’ve started a business expansion, Sort of.

Having a home based business in a lot of ways is a challenge.  For one thing you have to keep your property looking acceptable even if you don’t have many customers or they are spread out over the week.

This year the City had instigated the use of water meters.    We have a fairly large property and 2 years ago we started seeding the grass with clover to be more water conscious as clover uses substantially less water than grass.  This spring it was really coming along with the spring seeding starting to catch and looked green and lush.

Then came the water meters and the drought.  This spring the rain just stopped and the lawn started to wither.   The clover even died.  I checked how much it was going to cost to run a single sprinkler.   About 40 cents an hour, and it takes about 4 hours plus a day to water our lawn area with a single sprinkler,  that’s somewhere around $2 a day.  Then we have our eight fruit trees that we hand water and our front garden we hand water and our vegetable garden we hand water on top of that.  Add at least another $1.   So with the $20 a month fee just to let us have a water connection and with watering it could amount to well over $110 a month; but that’s not all.  We still have to flush the toilet, wash the dishes and wash ourselves not to mention food preparation and cloth washing.

We had to find a solution to our back field other than let the wind blow it away or grow Hoary Alyssum which is an invasive weed.

We chose Lavender.  It uses almost no water when it’s developed and it thrives in sandy soil, and we have lots of that.  We’ve now planted our first 50 plants along with drip irrigation.  Will expand the bed as we can muster up the money for it.  It’s a good add on to our Massage Business as a product we grow, make and sell in house.

Now all we have to do sit and watch it grow.








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