The Snow is Upon Us

The snow is upon us and with that brings skiing and other enjoyable outdoor activities.Snow-Shoveling-Lawn-Pride

It also brings that dreaded snow shoveling.   This activity although not as fun as some of the others in snow season can be just, if not more, taxing on our body and we would like to remind everyone to take it easy.  That’s advice we should all follow but often don’t.

Since the snow began to fall we’ve seen an increase in snow related complaints of pain and injury.  It’s a good idea to stretch a little before we set out on any winter adventure but few of us do.  This adds to the muscle strain increase we see at this time of the year as well as back and shoulder related issues from shoveling.

When the snow is heavy, like the other day, take it easy it puts tremendous stress on your heart even if you are in decent shape.  Just slow it down a bit, the snow isn’t going anywhere soon.

Here at Lanna Thai Massage we can’t fix medical issues like torn muscles but we can help in the recovery of those associated aches and pains.  Or better yet get you stretched out “before” you head to the hills.   Thai massage is one of the few disciplines that can actively stretch all your muscle groups and make you more flexible with gentle yet firm manipulation of joints and stretching of muscles.





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