Studio Update

We’ve been working hard to get our new house and Studio up and running.

We have the Studio almost finished.  A bit of electrical has to be pulled in and the trim around the floor has to be done. but it’s almost there.   Once the weather clears up a bit we have to install the air conditioning and replace one window.

That’s it?  Not quite.   Unlike our Studios in Sechelt and Keremeos there is no washroom to change in at this location.   This is going to take a bit more time.  We have to remodel our entire master bath which is really deplorable.  We have to strip it down to the studs, replace the cabinet install a new bathtub and toilet.   Did I mention we have to also replace the sub-floor?   That’s going to take a lot of work and time.  Our big problem is we will be without a bath or shower during that time and we do not want to start until the weather gets better.   We’ve figured out a way to have a shower once we are ready but it’s outside and if it’s cold, well that’ll be a poor alternative.

As it sits now it will probably be another few months before our studio and all the required permitting is in place.   Thanks for all your patience while we remodel.



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