Latest Studio Update

Just thought I would give a quick update on our studio.

The studio itself is almost completed.  We got the window we ordered yesterday and it’s already installed.   Window manufacturers are running a bit behind these days but at least we got the studio window and bathroom window.

We had to step back the plumbing for the washroom a bit as the high water was making it’s way into the basement, first time it’s ever been even damp in 69 years.  We couldn’t rationalize changing the hot water tank when it could flood.   The good news is that it’s almost dry in the basement thanks to our trusty dehumidifier.

At this point we are almost ready to renovate the bathroom.  We have found the Cast iron bath we were looking for and it is ready for refinishing.  One problem we have encountered is that because the tub is so big we have to cut a hole in the living room wall to get it into the bathroom once we strip all the walls and replace the floor.  We have selected the new floor, cabinets and toilet.  All we need now is for everything to come together.

With a lot of luck our opening date will be  the beginning of August, all going well.




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