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“The Boundary Area’s Only Truly Authentic Thai Massage – Thai Owned, Operated and Trained”

Senior Discount – 10% off       Plus  Come 5 times and get 50% off your next

Ancient Lanna Style (Buntautuk)

60 minutes ………. $ 50
90 minutes ………. $ 70
120 minutes ……… $ 95

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

60 minutes ………. $ 80
90 minutes ………. $ 95

Foot Massage – Lanna Thai Style

30 minutes ………. $ 35
60 minutes ………. $ 55

Head and Shoulders Lanna Thai Style

30 minutes ………. $ 35
60 minutes ………. $ 55

Lanna Thai Massage

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We Have Re-opened

Finally after the flood of 2018, We are:-


We weren’t touched by the flooding but we sure were impacted by it.  Some of our neighbors have major damage,some not so much but we have tried to make our little cut better a bit better for those that did.  We decided to keep the studio closed and help with some cleanup around the area.    That being done we have reopened.

CALL:- 250-442-1411  for Appointments

Monday to Friday – 9:30 am to 3:30 pm


When in Grand Forks, do as the Thai’s do – Relax

One thing that the Thai people do in relax and have regular massage sessions.  It may be at their local Temple or it may be at home.   It’s a large part of the Thai holistic healing approach to medicine.  Thai massage makes you more flexible, relaxed and energized.

Lak and Father at home

Lak working on her Father at home on the patio.

While we can’t offer you a Thai vacation, we can offer you authentic Thai Massage right here in Grand Forks, BC  all year long.  Sessions can be from 30 minutes to two hours with one hour being the most popular.

We strive to tailor each massage to the individual at a reasonable cost.  We offer free consultations, a discount card for those that come more often and  Senior’s discounts as well.

The Boundary Area’s Only Truly Authentic Thai Massage – Thai Owned, Operated and Trained











The Snow is Upon Us

The snow is upon us and with that brings skiing and other enjoyable outdoor activities.Snow-Shoveling-Lawn-Pride

It also brings that dreaded snow shoveling.   This activity although not as fun as some of the others in snow season can be just, if not more, taxing on our body and we would like to remind everyone to take it easy.  That’s advice we should all follow but often don’t.

Since the snow began to fall we’ve seen an increase in snow related complaints of pain and injury.  It’s a good idea to stretch a little before we set out on any winter adventure but few of us do.  This adds to the muscle strain increase we see at this time of the year as well as back and shoulder related issues from shoveling.

When the snow is heavy, like the other day, take it easy it puts tremendous stress on your heart even if you are in decent shape.  Just slow it down a bit, the snow isn’t going anywhere soon.

Here at Lanna Thai Massage we can’t fix medical issues like torn muscles but we can help in the recovery of those associated aches and pains.  Or better yet get you stretched out “before” you head to the hills.   Thai massage is one of the few disciplines that can actively stretch all your muscle groups and make you more flexible with gentle yet firm manipulation of joints and stretching of muscles.





Sleep, Do we need more?

Fifty years ago our parents got on average 1.5 to 2 hours a night more sleep than we do now. I might not be the best person to bring this up though. I normally, Monday to Thursday, get about 6 to 6 1/2 hours, by Thursday morning I’m like the walking dead. I get up early to get my son’s breakfast ready before school. I obviously need more sleep.


Most healthy adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best and I need a around 8 to feel good. So at best in the first 4 days of the week I’m 6 to 8 hours sleep deprived. I have the advantage that I can have a cat nap in the afternoon but that only lasts for a short time so, I’m still sleep deprived.  Friday to Sunday I can sleep in and get maybe 9 hours but even then the tank isn’t full, it’s more like 1/3 empty.

It’s easy to take a good nights sleep for granted, and often we sacrifice it. How many times do we put off going to bed to watch the latest news or finish that movie; that all makes you sleep deprived.

We wanted to pass along the top reasons why you should get the best possible sleep you can, especially as we age.

  1. Getting six hours of sleep or less for long periods of time can increase by 48% the chance of developing or dying from coronary heart disease or increase your risk up to 15% dying from a stroke.
  2. While you sleep, your brain is hard at work repairing your body which helps you remember, learn and feel better. Lack of sleep can cause slowed reaction time and cause more work-related errors. Getting an appropriate amount of sleep can help you learn new tasks, make good decisions, and be more creative.
  3. When deprived of sleep, your body produces the hormone Ghrelin. Ghrelin sends hunger signals to your brain, making you think you need food and also suppresses the hormone Leptin which signals your brain you’re full. This can lead to a higher risk for obesity.

Fostering the healthy habit of regular sleep can pay off with dividends in nearly all areas of your life.  Making regular appointments with Lanna Thai Massage can be an effective, natural way to improve sleep. Massage, Meditation and Sound therapy all increase relaxation, promote the release of sleep-inducing hormones to help your body to feel better.  Good relaxing massages may be just what you need to live a more rested and healthy lifestyle.

Benefits Of Thai Herbal Ball Massage

Thai herbal ball massage was long ago developed in Thailand to detoxify and relax the body in a single treatment. It combines the benefits of traditional Thai massage with the therapeutic powers of blended Thai herbs.

Thai ball

Lanna Thai Massage uses balls handmade specifically for us in Chiang Mai, Thailand with a selection of therapeutic organic and naturally sourced herbs which are wrapped in a muslin cloth and tied into a ball. The ball is then steamed gently and applied to your body in mild pressing, circular and rolling movements.

The heat from the ball transfers the herbal essences and essential oils deep into your skin – resulting in the release of muscle tension, detoxification, and increase in body energy. Thai herbal ball massage potential benefits that go far beyond general relaxation and rejuvenation.

Healing Benefits Of Thai Herbal Ball Massage

- Improves blood circulation

Heat from the herbal ball helps to dilate the blood vessels which help in increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body.

- Relieves joint and muscle pain

The different types of herbs used in the mixture of our Thai herbal ball are rich with analgesic and antiseptic properties. The healing effect of the herbs soothes muscle pain, while also relieving joint pain.

- Energizes your body

Thai herbal ball massage induce deep relaxation and eases the tension in your muscles and energizes and rejuvenates your body.

4. Promotes cell growth

The herbs used in the massage also have anti-inflammatory properties that sooth skin and joint inflammation.  Ball massage treatment cleanses your skin by promoting cell growth nourishes and revitalizes the skin.

5. Improves well-being

Thai massage in general releases the tension in your body, and when it is blended with a warm herbal ball massage, it further detoxifies your body releasing all stress and tension – bringing you in a peaceful and calm emotional state.

Thai herbal ball massage at Lanna Thai Massage is a totally relaxing treatment to unwind your body and rejuvenate it fully.

Call 250-442-1411 for Appointments.

OMG Christmas is Coming, Christmas is Coming.

The countdown is on and we bet you didn’t want to hear that. It’s always such a hectic time of the year. As best we can, as a family, we personally try and buy our presents locally.  Buying local helps the economy and spreads the dollar out in our community to others who also spread it around. This helps us all build a strong and vibrant local economy and allows stores to bring in more diverse merchandise in the future. It’s a true win win situation.

Christmas gift

Here at Lanna Thai Massage we offer Gift Certificates for those hard to buy for folks, those that deserve some pampering or just that “Oh My Gosh” I forgot Aunt Edna moment.  Everyone loves to relax and feel good, that’s what we offer.

Give the gift everybody loves! Gift Certificates make a wonderful gift and Lanna Thai Massage makes it easy to give these to your friends and family.  Simply call us, at 250-442-1411, to purchase gift certificates.