What is the meaning of Lanna Thai?

We don’t get asked often as most people just think Lanna is the name of the owner thus Lanna Thai Massage This is not even close. Although Lak being a typical Thai won’t correct anyone who calls her Lanna feeling it impolite to correct your customers.

So here is a bit of a Thai History lesson you may find interesting.

King Mangrai, in the early 1200’s, developed a unified kingdom and allied with the neighboring Phayao Kingdom. Phayao is where Lak is from. King Mangrai and his second son, Grama, expanded the kingdom into what is modern Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai Phayao Nan and some areas of modern day Myanmar and Laos.

This became known as Lan Na or the Lanna Kingdom which translated from ancient Pai, an off shoot of Sanskrit, into “Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields” and also known as LannaThai. from the 13th to 18th centuries Lannathai was considered, along with Burma, Tibet, Cambodia, Laos, Champa (Southern Vietnam), Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. With this brought Indian influences in Medicine, Yoga and healing.

The Northern Thai people, or Tai Yuan, were known as the “people of the (cultivated) land” and are the majority population of eight provinces in northern Thailand, principally in the area of the former kingdom of Lanna. They have their own language of Northern Thai which they share with large areas of Laos. Although the Central Thai is the official language of Thailand Northern Thai is very commonly spoken in homes and markets. As soon as anyone realizes you speak Northern the conversation goes into that dialect. Northern Thai (Lanna, Kam Meuang, or Thai Yuan), is spoken by over 6 million in the formerly independent kingdom of Lanna (Chiang Mai).

So there you have it Lanna Thai is a region, a people, a language and a meaning. The Lanna Thai in our name refers to the region of Thai massage and the authentic northern-style also known as Buntautuk style or Old Medicine Hospital.

Some people claim there are two styles in Thailand: Northern style and Southern. But there are many differing styles of Thai massage all based around a central core idea but distinctly different, if you know them well, and often intermingled and mixed together depending on the masseuse and the client. You may be on the beach in Koh Samui but you may be getting a massage learned in the North, South, Issan or Bangkok.

At Lanna Thai we use only Northern Thai massage which is tailored to each individual client.

BTW – in Thailand everyone has a name and a nickname often kids go through their entire school life not knowing their friend’s name. Lakkhana’s nickname is “Goy” but in Canada we just call her Lak or Luk.

Done and Dusted at the Grand Forks Fall Fair

The Fall Fair is finished for this year and it was interesting.

We wanted to introduce our new business to the community and from that point it worked well.

Lak  did short 10 minute Head, Neck and Shoulder massage for $5 for 10 minutes.  By the end of the first day (8 hours) here arms were almost numb from all the work.  There were times we had a lineup of 3-4 people waiting.  Day two we changed the system and Aran setup a schedule and gave people times.  That system worked well and Lak had a chance to rest and even got lunch.

We also had a chance to introduce our Sound Therapy and it was surprising how many people were very knowledgeable about sound and vibration and it’s relationship to ones health.

She also sold some of her cross stitch cards and a few of our Thai Herbal balls that we import from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We also met a lot of really nice people from all over the country.  The first day was a bit smoky from all the fires in BC and the US but it rained in the afternoon for a short while and that cleared the air.  The second day it was dry the air was clear and the sun was out which was a welcome change from our weeks of smoke.

Fall Fair 005

Fall Fair 025


Grand Forks Fall Fair

We will have a booth at the Grand Forks Fall Fair.  Come say Hi and we can answer all your questions about Thai Massage and Sound Therapy.  Lak will be doing  Head, Neck and Shoulder massage as well.

See you there Saturday and Sunday.

The Never-ending Saga.. BUT….

We originally planned to open in mid June but construction delays and life slowed us down.  BUT…

We are now complete.  We’ve completed all the construction and are only waiting for our business license to arrive.  From what we understand we have jumped through all the hoops and navigated all the red tape.  The inspections have been done.   Fire and health were the big ones we had to wait for.  We are now just waiting for our Business License to arrive.

Our new opening date is September 1.

We are now booking reservations so call 250-442-1411.

We would like to remind our customers that Thai Massage is NOT sexual in any way. Any inappropriate behavior will halt the massage immediately, the customer will be asked to leave and be expected to pay the full fee for the time booked.


Almost Open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re almost done.  WoooHoooo!

It’s taken a lot longer than we thought but the light at the end of the tunnel is at least on now.

The studio itself is 100% completed and ready to go.  Or washroom on the other-hand is about 85% done but nothing major now needs doing.  The electrical is done, the plumbing is done, the floor is done and our feature wall is done and stained.  Now all we have to do is a bit of drywall sanding where we had to knock a hole in the living room wall to get the bathtub into the bathroom and hang the door.

So we are almost ready to open a few things to tidily up and get our business license in place and we’ll be ready to go.

We are now planning for the week of August 18th as our opening date or maybe even sooner.





Latest Studio Update

Just thought I would give a quick update on our studio.

The studio itself is almost completed.  We got the window we ordered yesterday and it’s already installed.   Window manufacturers are running a bit behind these days but at least we got the studio window and bathroom window.

We had to step back the plumbing for the washroom a bit as the high water was making it’s way into the basement, first time it’s ever been even damp in 69 years.  We couldn’t rationalize changing the hot water tank when it could flood.   The good news is that it’s almost dry in the basement thanks to our trusty dehumidifier.

At this point we are almost ready to renovate the bathroom.  We have found the Cast iron bath we were looking for and it is ready for refinishing.  One problem we have encountered is that because the tub is so big we have to cut a hole in the living room wall to get it into the bathroom once we strip all the walls and replace the floor.  We have selected the new floor, cabinets and toilet.  All we need now is for everything to come together.

With a lot of luck our opening date will be  the beginning of August, all going well.




Studio Update

We’ve been working hard to get our new house and Studio up and running.

We have the Studio almost finished.  A bit of electrical has to be pulled in and the trim around the floor has to be done. but it’s almost there.   Once the weather clears up a bit we have to install the air conditioning and replace one window.

That’s it?  Not quite.   Unlike our Studios in Sechelt and Keremeos there is no washroom to change in at this location.   This is going to take a bit more time.  We have to remodel our entire master bath which is really deplorable.  We have to strip it down to the studs, replace the cabinet install a new bathtub and toilet.   Did I mention we have to also replace the sub-floor?   That’s going to take a lot of work and time.  Our big problem is we will be without a bath or shower during that time and we do not want to start until the weather gets better.   We’ve figured out a way to have a shower once we are ready but it’s outside and if it’s cold, well that’ll be a poor alternative.

As it sits now it will probably be another few months before our studio and all the required permitting is in place.   Thanks for all your patience while we remodel.



We’re working on some changes.

Change can be for the better or for the worse.  We’re hoping for the better.

We’ve been working for months to add another type of therapy to our existing massage.   We had originally thought about adding Hot Bamboo stick or Hot Stone massage, we already have the capacity for hot stone massage although we don’t offer it.  In the end decided it wouldn’t add much and may even distract from our already extensive Thai massage offerings.

In the end we have decided to add Sound and Vibration Therapy.

We can hear it already, “What the heck is Sound and Vibrational Therapy?”

It’s a deep relaxation therapy with aspects of Meditation driven by Sounds and the Vibrations of the frequency those sounds create.    Different sounds are used as therapy in many cultures our base will be Thai Buddhist background chanting augmented with gongs, singing bowls, flutes, chimes and a range of other items.

When someone feels out of balance or has lost their natural internal rhythm, sound often brings them back into balance.  Meditating on the subtle sounds and feelings of the vibrations often tunes one in to the universal sound within and without.

Sound and Vibration therapy can help in many ways:-

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Calms you down and re-balances you
  • Feel more focused
  • Deeply relaxation
  • Meditate easily without force or great concentration
  • Regulate breathing
  • Clear the head of confusion and busy thinking
  • Help with sleep problems
  • Balances your chakras
  • Reduces stress










South Okanagan Healthy Living Fair

We hope to see you all there in Osoyoos, April 2 for the South Okanagan Healthy living Fair drop by our booth and have a chat.

We are going to do short massages for donations. The donations will be for our nephew in Phayao Thailand so he can continue his competitive swimming aspirations.