Almost Open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re almost done.  WoooHoooo!

It’s taken a lot longer than we thought but the light at the end of the tunnel is at least on now.

The studio itself is 100% completed and ready to go.  Or washroom on the other-hand is about 85% done but nothing major now needs doing.  The electrical is done, the plumbing is done, the floor is done and our feature wall is done and stained.  Now all we have to do is a bit of drywall sanding where we had to knock a hole in the living room wall to get the bathtub into the bathroom and hang the door.

So we are almost ready to open a few things to tidily up and get our business license in place and we’ll be ready to go.

We are now planning for the week of August 18th as our opening date or maybe even sooner.





Latest Studio Update

Just thought I would give a quick update on our studio.

The studio itself is almost completed.  We got the window we ordered yesterday and it’s already installed.   Window manufacturers are running a bit behind these days but at least we got the studio window and bathroom window.

We had to step back the plumbing for the washroom a bit as the high water was making it’s way into the basement, first time it’s ever been even damp in 69 years.  We couldn’t rationalize changing the hot water tank when it could flood.   The good news is that it’s almost dry in the basement thanks to our trusty dehumidifier.

At this point we are almost ready to renovate the bathroom.  We have found the Cast iron bath we were looking for and it is ready for refinishing.  One problem we have encountered is that because the tub is so big we have to cut a hole in the living room wall to get it into the bathroom once we strip all the walls and replace the floor.  We have selected the new floor, cabinets and toilet.  All we need now is for everything to come together.

With a lot of luck our opening date will be  the beginning of August, all going well.




Studio Update

We’ve been working hard to get our new house and Studio up and running.

We have the Studio almost finished.  A bit of electrical has to be pulled in and the trim around the floor has to be done. but it’s almost there.   Once the weather clears up a bit we have to install the air conditioning and replace one window.

That’s it?  Not quite.   Unlike our Studios in Sechelt and Keremeos there is no washroom to change in at this location.   This is going to take a bit more time.  We have to remodel our entire master bath which is really deplorable.  We have to strip it down to the studs, replace the cabinet install a new bathtub and toilet.   Did I mention we have to also replace the sub-floor?   That’s going to take a lot of work and time.  Our big problem is we will be without a bath or shower during that time and we do not want to start until the weather gets better.   We’ve figured out a way to have a shower once we are ready but it’s outside and if it’s cold, well that’ll be a poor alternative.

As it sits now it will probably be another few months before our studio and all the required permitting is in place.   Thanks for all your patience while we remodel.



We’re Moving our Business to Grand Forks

We have sold our property in beautiful downtown Keremeos and bought property in ruralish Grand Forks. Grand Forks, BC not Grand Forks, North Dakota.

We are banking on Grand Forks welcoming a Thai Massage and Meditative Sound – Vibrational Therapy Studio.   Possible opening in early 2017.

We have to make some changes but in the end it will work out well for us and our
new customers.  Rather than have to heat a stand alone studio like now, it will be inside the house.

With almost an acre of land and lots of off street parking we think it’s going to work out well.

We’re working on some changes.

Change can be for the better or for the worse.  We’re hoping for the better.

We’ve been working for months to add another type of therapy to our existing massage.   We had originally thought about adding Hot Bamboo stick or Hot Stone massage, we already have the capacity for hot stone massage although we don’t offer it.  In the end decided it wouldn’t add much and may even distract from our already extensive Thai massage offerings.

In the end we have decided to add Sound and Vibration Therapy.

We can hear it already, “What the heck is Sound and Vibrational Therapy?”

It’s a deep relaxation therapy with aspects of Meditation driven by Sounds and the Vibrations of the frequency those sounds create.    Different sounds are used as therapy in many cultures our base will be Thai Buddhist background chanting augmented with gongs, singing bowls, flutes, chimes and a range of other items.

When someone feels out of balance or has lost their natural internal rhythm, sound often brings them back into balance.  Meditating on the subtle sounds and feelings of the vibrations often tunes one in to the universal sound within and without.

Sound and Vibration therapy can help in many ways:-

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Calms you down and re-balances you
  • Feel more focused
  • Deeply relaxation
  • Meditate easily without force or great concentration
  • Regulate breathing
  • Clear the head of confusion and busy thinking
  • Help with sleep problems
  • Balances your chakras
  • Reduces stress










South Okanagan Healthy Living Fair

We hope to see you all there in Osoyoos, April 2 for the South Okanagan Healthy living Fair drop by our booth and have a chat.

We are going to do short massages for donations. The donations will be for our nephew in Phayao Thailand so he can continue his competitive swimming aspirations.



My Back Is Killing Me

All of us have heard someone saying that, or worse say it ourselves.

In Asia the problem is less prevalent especially in their older generation. They traditionally sit on the floor and use squat toilets. This constant large range of
motion keeps older Asians much more flexible than their Western counterparts.

So, what can be done?

Lots of things can cause a sore back. First and foremost we have to know that the
condition is not medical in nature.  Injury, a ruptured or herniated disk and acquired conditions are medical problems and can’t be fixed with massage of any kind. That’s just an unfortunate fact. Sometimes things like pinched nerves or locked facet joints can be relieved to some extent with Thai Massage and manipulation.

Most men over 40 complain of back problems. The good news is most of them don’t have a major medical problem. Men tend to lift poorly over their lifetime which adds to the problem. They also tend not to stretch as much as women and thus as they age become less flexible. It’s that flexibility that Thai Massage can target in very specific ways and it works for women as well, especially after childbirth, where the spine has been stressed for a long period of time.

Men tend to have very tight hamstrings, the muscle at the back of your leg, and calf muscles. When your hamstrings tighten it throws your pelvis out of alignment which in return puts your lowed back also out of alignment. Also there is a condition called Piriformis syndrome. This condition causes the Piriformis muscle, located in the buttock region, to spasm and causes pain. The condition can also irritate the nearby sciatic nerve and cause pain, numbness and tingling along the back of the leg and into the foot. By manipulating your legs and making the leg muscles more flexible the stress on your lower back is relieved and the pain goes away. Unfortunately unless you continue to stretch on a regular basis it comes back. Thai Massage is incredibly good for increasing flexibility by gently massaging and assisting in the stretching out of the muscles. If you
could put your hands on the floor when you were a kid but now you can’t or can hardly touch the floor your leg muscles are too tight.

Thai Massage can help you over time to relieve a lot of the discomfort caused by lower back pain as Massage releases your natural endorphins. Those endorphins are released and help block pain signals from registering with your brain.

There are also things that you should do like stretch out your hamstrings. Right after a hot bath is a good time as the heat relaxes your muscles. Take some Yoga classes or just go for a walk. With the help of Thai massage you can be feeling much better in no time at all.

Happy New Year 2016

Wow! It’s 2016 already and we extend a very heartfelt Thank You and a Happy New
Year to all our customers and friends for making our first year a real success.

Moving a business from one successful location to another hundreds of Kilometers away can be both rewarding and have unexpected results.  You leave customers you have been working with for years and embark on trying to recreate that same vibe and trust in a new location.

For the most part it has worked out well with a few glitches and a few real surprises.  One of our disappointments was a lack of customers from Keremeos itself.   We actually get more business from Princeton, who’d have guesses that. We originally thought with an aging population we would have done better within the Village. The surprise was farm workers who sought us out to work out problems associated with their jobs.  This group ran the gamut from migrant farm workers to farm owners and has helped make the business grow.

Our big surprise for the year was, we were found by “Snowbirds” from Alberta and
Saskatchewan that were wintering over in Oliver and Osoyoos. This isn’t a group we even thought about but once the word got out the slowdown for farm workers became Snowbird Season. That’s one of the things in business you just can’t plan for.   In the future we will market the winter to this group.

In 2015 we put some cost saving features in place for our customers. First we offered a discount card – come for 5 massages and get the 6th for half price. Then a Senior’s Discount of 10% off our $40 rate for an hour massage.  That’s just $36 or if it’s your 6th visit it’s a massage for $18.   Try and beat that deal anywhere.

It’s time to relax after the holidays so give us a call to book an appointment to get your 2016 on the go,  250-499-0007

What can Thai Massage do for me

A question that’s often asked is, What can Thai Massage do for me?

Probably the one thing Thai Massage does over most other massage types is help to increase flexibility. In western societies we tend to sit on a chair to work or relax.   In Asia people tend to sit or squat on the floor. We lose that flexibility because we do not need to be flexible and we become stiff. We tend to find it harder to get up off the floor as we age or to move around like we did before, this does not have to be the way it is.

Thai Massage can help you become more flexible by gently manipulating your muscles and joints like you did naturally when you were younger. It won’t happen overnight or with a single session but it will happen with time. The gentle movement and manipulation extends your tensed muscle groups and makes you more supple and flexible.

A common problem with men is a sore lower back. Most men, unless it’s a medical
problem, have tight hamstrings and that cause their pelvis to come out of natural
alignment. By loosening the hamstrings and relaxing the back muscles often the
discomfort can be relieved quite quickly.

Flexibility is a huge part of your well being and your overall comfort level.

What’s New at Lanna Thai Massage

There have been a few changes since we opened our Studio in Keremeos, BC last year.

We started a customer appreciation reward program just like Starbucks.  If you come for 5 massages you get the 6th for 50% off.  We think that a pretty good deal for our customers.

We also offer a Seniors discount of 10% on all our massage services because we know that being on a fixed income can be hard on your budget.