Happy New Year 2016

Wow! It’s 2016 already and we extend a very heartfelt Thank You and a Happy New
Year to all our customers and friends for making our first year a real success.

Moving a business from one successful location to another hundreds of Kilometers away can be both rewarding and have unexpected results.  You leave customers you have been working with for years and embark on trying to recreate that same vibe and trust in a new location.

For the most part it has worked out well with a few glitches and a few real surprises.  One of our disappointments was a lack of customers from Keremeos itself.   We actually get more business from Princeton, who’d have guesses that. We originally thought with an aging population we would have done better within the Village. The surprise was farm workers who sought us out to work out problems associated with their jobs.  This group ran the gamut from migrant farm workers to farm owners and has helped make the business grow.

Our big surprise for the year was, we were found by “Snowbirds” from Alberta and
Saskatchewan that were wintering over in Oliver and Osoyoos. This isn’t a group we even thought about but once the word got out the slowdown for farm workers became Snowbird Season. That’s one of the things in business you just can’t plan for.   In the future we will market the winter to this group.

In 2015 we put some cost saving features in place for our customers. First we offered a discount card – come for 5 massages and get the 6th for half price. Then a Senior’s Discount of 10% off our $40 rate for an hour massage.  That’s just $36 or if it’s your 6th visit it’s a massage for $18.   Try and beat that deal anywhere.

It’s time to relax after the holidays so give us a call to book an appointment to get your 2016 on the go,  250-499-0007

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