Thai Massage

Every massage is adapted to suit the individual. It will relax your tensed muscles and get your vital energy (Prana) flowing. The authentic northern-style also known as Buntautuk style or Old Medicine Hospital Style, is the style used by Lanna Thai.

In the Northern Thai massage the recipient lies on a mat on the floor. There is a standard procedure and rhythm to the massage which uses hands, feet, arms and legs.

Our Thai Massage treatments and therapy incorporates deep tissue massage, yoga style stretches, meditative breathing and is relaxation and energizing. Our authentic Thai Massage relieves pain, muscular tension and stress, increases flexibility, energy levels and strengthens the immune system.

Lanna Thai  Massage uses the Authentic Ancient Lanna Thai Style to gently relax and manipulate the recipient, rather than the Americanized assisted Yoga style which forces the recipient into various postures. The massage follows the Sen Energy lines on the body and can last from an hour to two hours.

About Thai Massage


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