September 2017

What exactly is Sound Therapy?

At all the Fairs and Festivals that we have attended this summer one thing that is always ask, “What exactly is Sound Therapy?”.

It’s not an easy task to explain is a few minutes so we thought we would explain it in a bit more detail.

Sound Therapy is often described as Sound Healing, Biofield Tuning or Chakra tuning. In essence they are all the same with some subtle differences. We call our Therapy, “Meditative Sound and Vibration  Therapy” because we use all three often at the same time. Are we different from the others, not much in reality, other than we have tuned our sound program to work in harmony with our Thai Massage therapies.

In Thailand energy is called Prana, in China Chi, in Japan Ki, and in India Prana. They are all the same. In Thailand the lines are called Sen lines which are the same as the meridians in traditional Chinese medicine and the energy field around them are called Prana as in India, coming from the Pali language which is the basis of Thai Buddhism even today.

Is there a difference between the well known 7 Chakras of India and those in Thailand. The answer is none at all. Thai Massage was developed out of Indian Yoga and Indian thinking. Our sound therapy follows the same 7 Chakras – Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. People in the west have adopted these Indian terms and so have we.

We believe that the internal and external can be brought into harmony using sound. Tuning forks create a resonance throughout our physical and emotional bodies. The notes first make contact on a spiritual and emotional level, and then on a physical and mental level. We also use other items like Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments to create the sound we want to work in harmony with our client.

Sound therapy is much like music which can make you feel sad, happy, refreshed, restless or relaxed.  We get bombarded with sounds and spurious waves constantly from our phones, WiFi, smart meters, televisions and even our cars.  Sound therapy strives to make you feel regenerated and one with your surroundings by realigning the natural resonance of your body.

When the note of each chakra is played on a tuning fork that sound can be directed toward the corresponding part of the body.  Additionally, the stem of the fork can be placed on the corresponding part of the body or spine so that the sound is clearly felt as well as being heard. To enhance the experience, when two forks are struck together it creates both notes individually, however a third harmonic frequency is experienced. This can be taken a step further by using multiple forks, creating a multitude of frequencies, harmonics and overtones.

This sound immersion must be experienced to be fully understood.

We also teach meditation techniques to help our clients relax, sleep better or overcome chronic pain.  We’ll discuss that in more detail in a further blog.

What is the meaning of Lanna Thai?

We don’t get asked often as most people just think Lanna is the name of the owner thus Lanna Thai Massage This is not even close. Although Lak being a typical Thai won’t correct anyone who calls her Lanna feeling it impolite to correct your customers.

So here is a bit of a Thai History lesson you may find interesting.

King Mangrai, in the early 1200’s, developed a unified kingdom and allied with the neighboring Phayao Kingdom. Phayao is where Lak is from. King Mangrai and his second son, Grama, expanded the kingdom into what is modern Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai Phayao Nan and some areas of modern day Myanmar and Laos.

This became known as Lan Na or the Lanna Kingdom which translated from ancient Pai, an off shoot of Sanskrit, into “Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields” and also known as LannaThai. from the 13th to 18th centuries Lannathai was considered, along with Burma, Tibet, Cambodia, Laos, Champa (Southern Vietnam), Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. With this brought Indian influences in Medicine, Yoga and healing.

The Northern Thai people, or Tai Yuan, were known as the “people of the (cultivated) land” and are the majority population of eight provinces in northern Thailand, principally in the area of the former kingdom of Lanna. They have their own language of Northern Thai which they share with large areas of Laos. Although the Central Thai is the official language of Thailand Northern Thai is very commonly spoken in homes and markets. As soon as anyone realizes you speak Northern the conversation goes into that dialect. Northern Thai (Lanna, Kam Meuang, or Thai Yuan), is spoken by over 6 million in the formerly independent kingdom of Lanna (Chiang Mai).

So there you have it Lanna Thai is a region, a people, a language and a meaning. The Lanna Thai in our name refers to the region of Thai massage and the authentic northern-style also known as Buntautuk style or Old Medicine Hospital.

Some people claim there are two styles in Thailand: Northern style and Southern. But there are many differing styles of Thai massage all based around a central core idea but distinctly different, if you know them well, and often intermingled and mixed together depending on the masseuse and the client. You may be on the beach in Koh Samui but you may be getting a massage learned in the North, South, Issan or Bangkok.

At Lanna Thai we use only Northern Thai massage which is tailored to each individual client.

BTW – in Thailand everyone has a name and a nickname often kids go through their entire school life not knowing their friend’s name. Lakkhana’s nickname is “Goy” but in Canada we just call her Lak or Luk.

Done and Dusted at the Grand Forks Fall Fair

The Fall Fair is finished for this year and it was interesting.

We wanted to introduce our new business to the community and from that point it worked well.

Lak  did short 10 minute Head, Neck and Shoulder massage for $5 for 10 minutes.  By the end of the first day (8 hours) here arms were almost numb from all the work.  There were times we had a lineup of 3-4 people waiting.  Day two we changed the system and Aran setup a schedule and gave people times.  That system worked well and Lak had a chance to rest and even got lunch.

We also had a chance to introduce our Sound Therapy and it was surprising how many people were very knowledgeable about sound and vibration and it’s relationship to ones health.

She also sold some of her cross stitch cards and a few of our Thai Herbal balls that we import from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We also met a lot of really nice people from all over the country.  The first day was a bit smoky from all the fires in BC and the US but it rained in the afternoon for a short while and that cleared the air.  The second day it was dry the air was clear and the sun was out which was a welcome change from our weeks of smoke.

Fall Fair 005

Fall Fair 025


Grand Forks Fall Fair

We will have a booth at the Grand Forks Fall Fair.  Come say Hi and we can answer all your questions about Thai Massage and Sound Therapy.  Lak will be doing  Head, Neck and Shoulder massage as well.

See you there Saturday and Sunday.